Trixie Dynamite (issue 3 Variant)

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Writers, Cameron Brewer and Ben Schwartz bring you 3 more stories of Trixie Dynamite's adventures. In Fashion Sense, she fights a mutant with low self esteem to protect the discount clothing store that she loves. In Golden Treasure, Mayor Underhill sends Trixie to investigate the mysterious shutdown of the Belly Jelly Jelly Bean factory. Who she finds there will have her dodging fireballs. And in Cruel Lessons, Trixie turns saving Sacramentropolis from a space invasion into a competitive smack-down that she aims to win.
Written by Cameron Brewer & Ben Schwartz
Art by Adrian Bago Gonzales, Samir Simao & Alexander Ragsac
Inks by Jason Enos
Colors by Alfredo Regueira
Cover Art by Krysten Reis
24 pages