For weeks I've been wondering what to write in this 'about' section. I think this is the 4th draft so far. The first 3 were my best attempts at making myself and this site appear as professional as possible and as a first time business owner, that was very important to me, but...

After visiting multiple comic shops and contacting numerous creators, I remembered that I'm just a comic book geek. Besides building a business, I'm just collecting comics like the geek I was born to be. I've been collecting since mom bought me that black and white Ninja Turtles back in the day. Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse. I loved comics. Then, I fell out of love. For the longest, I thought it was the comics, but when I started browsing the local comics section, I realized it was the mainstream that bored me.

Getting back into comics was a slow rekindling, but the next few years, I was visiting shops mainly to check out the local creators and in one of those shops came the idea of Local Comic Connection.

And this is where the professional part of the draft begins. I won't bore you with it, though, I'll just let the site do the rest of the talking and end with this: enjoy the collection.